Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gateway Cardiology and Jersey Community Hospital to Provide Comprehensive Cardiovascular Services at the New JCH Heart Center

We are very pleased to announce that Gateway Cardiology, P.C. has joined forces together with Jersey Community Hospital to lead and provide comprehensive cardiovascular services at the new JCH Heart Center.  Effective April 18, 2016 and forward, Gateway Cardiology physicians will be seeing patients at the new JCH Heart Center and will collaborate with JCH Medical Group to further enhance the quality of health of our patients and their families. Our mission is to provide the community with the highest quality cardiovascular services and to become the preferred and trusted choice for all your cardiovascular healthcare needs.

The JCH Heart Center is located at 400 Maple Summit Rd., Jerseyville, IL 62052 and will be accessible from the south entrance.  Parking space will be in the area that is between the hospital and the JCH Wellness Center.

In order to facilitate the transition and ensure continuity of care for our patients, all previously scheduled appointments will remain valid and at the same scheduled times. Further, all medical records will be integrated into the JCH Medical Group electronic health records. It is also important to note that the same current phone number of Gateway Cardiology will remain in effect and will be assigned to the new JCH Heart Center. The number is (618) 498-7653.  
We would like to welcome you to the new JCH Heart Center and we kindly request that you note the below items to ensure a successful transition. On the day of your next appointment, you are expected to:

  • Complete a new patient registration form. 
  • Complete a HIPAA communication release form. 
  • Provide us with your insurance cards so we can make a copy for our files.  Insurance cards are required for  each and every visit to ensure accuracy. 
  • Provide us with your Driver’s license so we have a photo for our system.

Please note that services rendered on April 18, 2016 and forward at the JCH Heart Center will be billed and processed by JCH Heart Center. The Central Billing Office is located at 101 N. State St., Jerseyville, IL and payments can be made online at www.jch.org. Please contact Central Billing Office at (618) 498-8322 if you have any questions.

Services rendered by Gateway Cardiology prior to April 18, 2016 will be billed by Gateway Cardiology billing department.  Payments should be made and send to Gateway Cardiology, P.C.,  P.O. Box 505036, St. Louis, MO 63160. You can contact Gateway Cardiology billing department at the following number (314) 729-0088.

If you are currently enrolled in one of the clinical trials conducted by Gateway Cardiology, P.C. and Gateway Cardiovascular Research Center, Inc., you will continue your clinical trial follow up visits at 270 Maple Summit Rd, Jerseyville, IL 62052.without interruption. Questions related to clinical trials should be directed to the research department at (314) 729-0088. All other visits and follow ups not related to clinical trials will take place at JCH Heart Center effective April 18, 2016 and forward.   

The Physicians & Staff of the JCH Heart Center appreciate your cooperation and look forward to providing you the highest quality cardiovascular care.  If you have any questions, please contact the JCH Heart Center at (618) 498-7653. 

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