Wednesday, February 10, 2016

JCH Donates Scoreboard To Illini Middle School

Jason Brunaugh, JCH CEO Jon Wade and Alan Churchman
Illini Middle School’s gymnasium has received a facelift over the past year and a half.  It started with donations to sand and refinish the gym floor.  The gym walls were repainted.  A new sound system was purchased with fundraising funds.  New doors were installed into the entrances of the gym at no cost to the district.  This fall, a new Nevco scoreboard was purchased and installed through a donation from Jersey Community Hospital (JCH).
JCH donated $6,500 for a modern digital scoreboard that is wireless.  The old scoreboard was not wireless and was constantly malfunctioning due to wires being crimped or pulled away from the wall.  The school was then able to move the old scoreboard to the other end of the gym. 
School administrators and JCH Community Relations Director Jen Bell met over the summer to discuss how they could partner together to improve school facilities.  A decision was made to partner on a new Illini scoreboard.  The scoreboard has been a major improvement for the Illini gym.  With the help of JCH, Illini’s gym has become one of the nicest middle school gyms in the area.  It is a facility that the community can be proud of!