Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Exercise is better in a group!

Guest Blogger:
Jen Lyles
Group exercise is an exciting way to get fit and the JCH Wellness Center has something for everyone. Early March is when we typically start to see people giving up on their New Year Resolutions, but this year is different. I’m so excited to say that the attendance in our classes isn’t just holding strong, they are growing! What is it about joining a group exercise class that makes fitness more fun? Is it the high dose of energy and motivation provided by the instructor, social support from class participants, structure of the class format, meeting new people? Whatever it is, people love being a part of a group. The instructors at the Wellness Center have developed such a great rapport with participants that it has become a fitness family.

Don’t let water exercise fool you, it is a workout! There are always smiles on the faces of participants in the lap pool classes as they kick, jog, dance through the water. The very popular Water Basketball class is a great way to get your workout while acting like a kid again! The lap pool is full of energy during Aqua Zumba, the ultimate pool party.

Aqua Therapy with
Certified Instructors
For those participants needing something a little more low-key due to achy joints, the therapy pool is the place to be. Certified arthritis instructors lead the groups through exercises to stretch, strengthen and help ease joint pain. These workouts are great for the body and the mind.

The music and whoo hoos coming from the group exercise room will definitely get your attention. The energy from Zumba flows throughout the facility. Zumba is a calorie burning dance party that everyone wants to be a part of. Zumba Gold is equally as fun, but is modified to meet the needs of baby-boomers or anyone just getting started on their fitness journey. If you need to pump it up, but do not want to go to the weight room, join a BodyPump class for the ultimate barbell workout. How about a hardcore workout in just 30 minutes? If that sounds good, try CXWorx to improve your core strength and endurance. Yoga, indoor cycling and kickboxing are just a few other of the great classes offered to help get you in tip-top shape and keep you motivated.

Regardless of your fitness goals, group exercise is the place to be. There is just something about belonging to a group that makes it more enjoyable. It is motivating to look around the room at the variety of people working to improve their health. It isn’t easy for anyone to make the time and commitment to exercise, but when you see your new friends in the class it encourages you to work a little harder and keep coming back for more.

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