Friday, November 04, 2011

Welcome to my first blog!

Since I’ve decided I’m not too old to use social media after all, I realized some of my daily thoughts and experiences might benefit or be of interest to those in our community. So here goes... 

My first point of news is one I walk by every morning. The new JCH ER addition! As many of you know, construction on the facility started a couple months ago and we’re making lots of progress. But just because construction is still going on, doesn’t mean changes haven’t already happened in our ER.   

On August 1, we opened the ER Plus program. What does that mean? Well, from 11 AM to 9 PM daily, we’ve added a Nurse Practitioner and another Registered Nurse to the ER staff. We hoped this would help us shorten wait and overall visit times – and I’m pleased to say that it’s working!  We’re keeping a close eye on visit times and in the last two months, we’ve seen good results.  The ER Plus is currently in an adjacent area of the hospital, but it will soon be moving into the new ER once construction is complete.  

Speaking of the ER addition, we will be weather tight soon! Interior walls are being erected and we can finally see the outlines of the new space. To learn more about our plans and progress, I encourage you to join us for our annual Fall Fling Dinner sponsored by the JCH Foundation, Saturday, November 5th at the Westlake Country Club. We’ll start out with a wine tasting at 5:30 PM, followed by a delicious candlelight dinner from Carla’s Catering. Reservations can be made by contacting Lynn Poglajen at 498-8392 or 

Let’s work together to build a better ER. Donate online!

Stay tuned for more news and thoughts!

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